I put you on paper like there's Winter in my fingertips. Like "it's too cold" and "goodbye" are the only words I know.
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I and me are always too deeply in conversation.
Friedrich Nietzsche (via pro-paganda)

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The first time I see you,
I right-click, save as
in my head.
I download you.
I leave you there
in the documents
of my brain.
I forget about you.

One day I come across you again.
I move you to a new folder
called “people I’d like to know.”
I re-name you, something like
I set you as the desktop of my mind.
Time passes.

I get bored.
I Photoshop you.
I crop you. Re-size you. Change the filters.
You’re far too blurry.
The contrast isn’t right.
Sepia tone makes me too nostalgic.
You’re too dull for black and white.

You start to not look like yourself anymore.
I’ve changed you too much.
I look for the original,
but it’s already been deleted.
Now I only have the you that I created.
How could I change the most
beautiful person I’ve ever seen?

Rachel Eden “The Ideal is Never Ideal”